Miguel Caballero was born in 1992 as a graduation project, creating the first armored jacket in the world, this innovative product was the beginning of a great idea that changed the way of viewing the market of armored clothing. The aim of the brand since then until now has been the same, designing and producing garments not only for personal protection, but to safeguard the lives of those who wear them and fit to the lifestyle and needs of each person. The company exists now already for 22 years.

Thanks to these innovative products and high quality standards, Miguel Caballero started to become a recognized brand within the category, allowing our company to sell products to different governments around the world. In 2001 we got our first certification from the N.I.J (National Institute of Justice) which endorsed the important developments of the brand.

Miguel Caballero offers bulletproof designer clothes. All designer clothes are made from the best Italian and English fabrics and can compete with any other brand which operates at the high end of its market. Miguel Caballero is the Haute Couture of protective clothing. Miguel Caballero clothing´s are made of high tech textiles which provide proactive temperature regulating and so manages heat and moisture. All clothes can be washed or treated like any other conventional garment. 

As for the armoured part of the designer clothes, Miguel Caballero is without any discussion the number one innovator in its branch. The bulletproof clothing with protection II, IIA are completely flexible and therefore wearable as normal clothing. The acknowledgements of this number one position is to be found with many VIPs and CEOs who are all clients of Mr. Miguel Caballero.

Further acknowledgement can be found on YouTube where Mr. Miguel Caballero test his own products on his staff and his clients. They all survived the experience*. Click here to access the video documentary realized by VICE.

* Some client names are quoted on the Internet by Media and third parties, or the client himself. Miguel Caballero does not disclose clients names to the public.

We are a Munich based company in Germany. We have the rights to sell and promote the brand Miguel Caballero from Germany. We are allowed to sell in other countries in agreement with Miguel Caballero Company.

Yes. We are the official Miguel Caballero distributors from Germany.

You can contact us here for more information.

All people who work with people who can be violent or unpredictable or all people who work or stay from time to time in an unsecured environment would be a potential Miguel Caballero customer.

Miguel Caballero clothing is not necessarily something what you have to wear everyday but something you have in your closet and use it when you need it. 

Think of:

a. Law enforcement people in civilian clothes 

Why: because they work in an environment with violent or unpredictable people. 

b. Lawyers 

Why: because they might work with violent or unpredictable people.

c. Business Executives and Travellers to the Middle East, Africa or South-America 

Why: because they travel through unsecured areas.

Travellers advice and warning from the UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office portal here: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

Travellers advice and warning from the European Commission Travel Advice portal here: http://ec.europa.eu/consularprotection/en/traveladvice

Travellers advice and warning from the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs portal here: http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings/worldwide-caution.html

d. CEOs of big companies 

Why: because they might be a target for people with unfriendly intentions. 

e. Politicians 

Why: because they might be targeted by people with unfriendly intentions.

f. Reporters

Why: because they travel through unsecured areas.

g. Anyone who works with money or valued goods like jewellers 

Why: because they might be targeted by people with unfriendly intentions.

h. Known people like singers, actors and actresses 

Why: because they might be targeted by people with unfriendly intentions.

i. Doormen

Why: because they are work in an environment where violence and unpredictability is expected.

j. Security firms

Why: because they might be targeted by people with unfriendly intentions.

k. Prison guards

Why: because they are work in an environment where violence is expected. 

l. Hunters

Why: in case the duck shoots back.

m. Or even anyone who feels unsafe from time to time.

Yes, we have the armored T-shirt and several jackets for women. They differ in design and also breast space is taken into consideration.

In about all sizes. Standard we use XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL. However, if required, any size can be custom made. 

Furthermore Miguel Caballero Platinum offers a complete custom made designs to the wishes of the client. More information on Platinum by Miguel Caballero here.

Very comfortable. A normal bulletproof vest is rigid and weighs 2.6 to 6 kilos. 

The armoured part of the shirts of Miguel Caballero weighs 700 grams and with the shirt about 1.1 kilo.

All garments are made from the best Italian and English fabrics or high-tech and light materials to make them even more comfortable.

All armoured parts are flexible and completely invisible for others to detect.

Yes, all ballistic panels of Miguel Caballero come with a 5 years warranty.

All Miguel caballero clothing have the N.I.J. Certification: The ballistic panels have been certified by the highest quality standard for body armour protection in the world: the United States Department of Justice (N.I.J. 0101.06), through tests performed by the HP White Laboratory. This Certification is renewed every year. Click here to access all our certifications.

Al Miguel Caballero clothing have the Certification of Quality Management, ISO 9001: This recognition was granted by ICONTEC / IQ NET, Institute of Quality Normalization, which is recognized in more than 140 countries. This Certification is renewed every year.

All of our ballistic panels come with a 5-year warranty.

All Bulletproof materials are resistant to high temperatures, giving additional protection by diminishing the risk of burns produced by external agents. 

Only certified ballistic materials and ironclad threads are used for the manufacturing of our panels. Miguel Caballero does not com-promise quality and safety to reduce costs.

The Miguel Caballero Company has product liability insurance: If any of our products cause injury to a person, we will be liable to pay a compensation cost up to 10.000.000 USD. 

Yes, depending of the level of protection you wish. When you purchase a product we will ask you what you want and tell you exactly against what your product will protect you. Miguel Caballero also include exact information on material in the box in which the products are packed. Kevlar on itself is, because of its consistency, already strongly stab and cut resistant. For most people that might be enough. Absolute stab proof is mainly used by professionals in army and police.

The protection levels which we deliver are IIA, II, IIIA, III and IV.

Protection IIA, II are completely flexible and are an adequate protection for 95% of clients. 

Protection level II stops any conventional 9mm attack from weapons like Smith and Wesson, Glock 9mm, 357 Magnum, 9mm mini Uzi, 9 mm mac 10 machine gun, 9mm MP5 machine gun. This is sufficient for 95% of the people.

NOTE: It does not stop a 44 Magnum, which is mainly a collector’s item and it does not stop a bullet from a Kalashnikov. To stop a 44 Magnum one needs protection level IIIA. To stop a bullet from a Kalashnikov one needs a protection level IV. However, protection level III is already less flexible and less suited for garments.

III: 5.56×45mm NATO.300 Winchester Magnum5.7×28mm

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