Yes, of course. We wouldn't and couldn't exist without full discretion of our clients data and products.

Miguel Caballero designs protective garments for private persons or businesses but also protective material for law enforcement and army. This ranges from bulletproof vests and protective clothing, shoes, helmets, shields and everything in between for law enforcement organisations and army personnel.

Just write us an email here, and we will contact you back. Any contact data will be discretely handled.

For high profiled clients, law enforcement and army contacts with specified wishes, the right people of the Miguel Caballero Company will be introduced directly by us to you. 

Miguel Caballero clothing is pricy. Miguel Caballero does not compromise on quality and safety to reduce costs. Protective clothing from Miguel Caballero is the best money can buy and it saves your life it´s worth every penny.

Every private person can buy any product on our website and just follow the instructions.

Companies, organisations or groups of minimum of 3 persons can send us a mail here with their contact data. We will be back in touch with you to settle an appointment for a presentation at our company *, your company or at your house.

* One can only come at our company with an appointment.

You can reach us by email here and we will then contact you as soon as possible.

You can also reach us from by phone number 00 49 (0)89 30 90 40 250.

You can reach us by email on press@miguelcaballerofashion.com and we will then contact you as soon as possible.

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