When you request a Platinum design by Miguel Caballero, you can expect that all the garments are handmade and custom made.

You will also receive a 5 year warranty on all ballistic panels.



You can order all your favorite designs which fits the ballistic plates,

and complement the model with your favorite fabrics or colors.


If you request a Platinum design by Miguel Caballero, you can write us an email and we will reply to you for an appointment.Simply express your wishes.

Almost everything is possible, in almost all colors and nearly all fabrics and designs. We will then communicate your wishes to Miguel Caballero and if needed,

a professional tailor from Miguel Caballero will come over to talk about your wishes and take your size.

You then decide together with the professional tailor from Miguel Caballero about your order.


You will be charged according to the calculation of your order. An invoice will be written in your name.

You settle 50% of the bill in advance and the rest (50%) before delivery. We will be happy to be at your service and deliver you consequently.


The handmade production of your garments takes about 10 weeks. Do not hesitate to contact us here for more information.


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