little women atlanta where are they now

Miss Molli stands out as the undeniable star of Oxygen’s “Little Women Atlanta”. This show, which follows the lives of a group of little women living in Atlanta, has become a huge hit since its debut in 2016.

But what are they up to now? Are they still captivating us with their stories? Let’s explore!

We watch Amanda Salinas gracefully juggle motherhood and Monie Cashette fiercely pursuing her dreams in the music industry. Tanya Scott balances motherhood and entrepreneurship.

Juicy has become an author and TV personality, leaving us in awe with her humor and boldness. Emily Fernandez is embracing motherhood again.

Bri Barlup has made remarkable achievements since appearing on the show. She is a single mom and a successful entrepreneur in the beauty industry.

According to Entertainment Tonight Online and, our beloved cast members continue to thrive after their time on “Little Women Atlanta”. Their authenticity and determination have won viewers’ hearts and opened up many possibilities for them.

Overview of the show “Little Women: Atlanta”

Take a peek at the popular reality TV show Little Women: Atlanta! Audiences around the globe have been mesmerized by this groundbreaking series. It follows the remarkable lives of small-statured women based in Atlanta. These ladies demonstrate that size isn’t a barrier to achieving success. Here’s a breakdown of the show: 6 seasons, 78 episodes, 42 minutes long each, produced by Kinetic Content, and aired on Lifetime.

The cast of Little Women: Atlanta is full of dynamic women who bring different perspectives to the show. We get to see their businesses and relationships grow. We experience heart-warming moments and fiery arguments. This series highlights personal growth and demonstrates the strength each woman holds.

Don’t miss out on this wild ride! Tune in to watch these determined individuals conquer obstacles, tackle unexpected turns, and embrace their talents. Be ready to be captivated by the amazing journey ahead!

Cast Members and Their Roles

The stars of the beloved show “Little Women: Atlanta” have been key to amusing the viewers. Let’s check out who they are and what they’ve done.

A table with the cast and their roles is here:

Cast Member Role
Emily Fernandez Contributor
Jasmine Arteaga Contributor
Briana Barlup Contributor
Amanda Salinas Contributor
Andrea Salinas Contributor

Now, let’s look at the amazing things the cast members have accomplished. Emily Fernandez, also known as Right Cheek, has made people laugh with her liveliness and charm. Jasmine Arteaga, or Left Cheek, has impressed with her sweet dance moves and positive vibes. Briana Barlup has astonished people with her straightforward attitude and outrageous jokes. Amanda and Andrea Salinas have made the show special with their sibling connection and individual personalities.

Tip: Watch these magnificent cast members as their careers keep growing.

Recap of Previous Seasons

The seasons have passed, and with them ‘Little Women Atlanta’ brought us plenty of drama and excitement. Let us take a look back at some key moments from the show:

  • Season 1 showed us the birth of friendships, and also tension among the ladies. It was an emotional rollercoaster!
  • Season 2 took us deeper into their lives; from relationship struggles to career ambitions, they faced it all.
  • In Season 3, new faces joined and old alliances were tested. Drama rose as personal conflicts reached their peak.

Season 4 was special – friendships mended and broke, secrets were revealed, and deep-seated rivalries emerged.

Did you know that the show was created by Tara Long and Shirlene “Ms.Juicy” King Pearson? They are responsible for bringing this captivating show to us.

Current Updates on Cast Members

The cast of “Little Women Atlanta” have been busy! Let’s take a look at their recent successes.

Briana Barlup: Entrepreneur and Reality TV Star. She has launched her own clothing line, and her online boutique is growing.

Emily Fernandez: Dancer and Reality TV Star. Emily opened her own dance studio and mentors young dancers.

Tiffany Cashette: Actress and Reality TV Star. She got a recurring role in a popular TV show and is receiving praise for her performances.

Andrea Salinas: Businesswoman and Reality TV Star. Andrea opened a second beauty salon and gained more clients.

Individual endeavors deserve recognition too. Briana is active on social media, promoting body positivity and self-love. Emily inspires others with her story of resilience. Tiffany excels in her acting career and is also involved in charities that focus on mental health”.

These cast members have so much going on! Keep up with their journeys for more exciting updates!

Life After the Show

The cast of Little Women Atlanta have had a mix of successes and struggles since the show ended. Here’s what some of them are up to now:

Ms. Juicy hosts her own radio show and is trying to break into acting. She’s been named one of Atlanta’s most influential radio personalities.

Monie is juggling motherhood and working on her fashion line, Monie Love Fashion, which has become successful.

Rickey is focused on her music career and charity work. She’s released several singles and is involved in community projects.

Amanda is building her fitness empire. She’s developed some popular workout programs and owns a personal training business.

Ashley is a mom who is also working on her business ventures. She’s created Pretty Hair Inc, a successful hair extensions company.

The cast has taken advantage of their platform to start various projects. Despite the tough times, these women are still aiming for success.

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Little Women Atlanta has left fans wondering what happened to its cast members. Let’s find out!

Emily Fernandez, aka “Right Cheek,” is all about music and motherhood. She’s released some great singles, wowing her fans with her unique style.

“Left Cheek” Briana Barlup started her own hair collection business. Her hard work has gained her lots of admirers.

After the show, “Miss Juicy” has taken on hosting gigs. Her energy and charm make her a natural entertainer.

Be sure to keep tabs on these amazing women as they make their mark in entertainment!