Discover the Star-Studded Cast of What Women Want and Their Electrifying Performances

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  • “What Women Want” is a popular movie that explores the concept of a man who gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts.
  • The main cast of the movie includes Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall, Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire, Marisa Tomei as Lola, Alan Alda as Dan Wanamaker, and Ashley Johnson as Alexandra Marshall.
  • The supporting cast of “What Women Want” features Judy Greer as Erin, Sarah Paulson as Annie, Megan Good as Mindy, and Mark Feuerstein as Morgan Farwell.

Main Cast of “What Women Want”

Get ready to meet the star-studded cast of “What Women Want“! We’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of the brilliant actors who brought this enchanting film to life. From the charismatic Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall, to the talented Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire, and the captivating Marisa Tomei as Lola, each character adds their unique flair to this comedic masterpiece. But that’s not all! Join us as we also delve into the compelling performances of Alan Alda as Dan Wanamaker and Ashley Johnson as Alexandra Marshall. This cast will leave you wanting more!

Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall

Mel Gibson takes on the role of Nick Marshall in the film “What Women Want.” Starring as a successful advertising executive, Marshall undergoes an accident that grants him the extraordinary ability to hear women’s thoughts. Throughout the movie, Gibson masterfully brings Marshall’s character to life, skillfully navigating relationships and developing a deep understanding and empathy towards women. With his remarkable performance, he effortlessly infuses the character with humor and complexity, allowing Marshall’s growth and personal development to shine through. If you appreciate Gibson’s talent, you will surely admire his portrayal of Marshall in “What Women Want.” This movie seamlessly combines elements of humor, romance, and a touch of fantasy.

Helen Hunt as Darcy McGuire

Helen Hunt skillfully embodied the role of Darcy McGuire in “What Women Want”. As the character, Hunt’s talent truly brought McGuire to life. Darcy McGuire, an accomplished advertising executive, plays a pivotal role in challenging the main character, Nick Marshall.

Throughout the film, Helen Hunt effectively portrays the determined and intelligent nature of Darcy McGuire. Her performance truly showcases McGuire’s strong personality and her ability to assert herself in a male-dominated industry.

Moreover, Helen Hunt’s acting captures the essence of Darcy McGuire’s complex personality. With depth and conviction, Hunt makes McGuire a truly memorable character.

Marisa Tomei as Lola

Marisa Tomei shines as Lola in the movie “What Women Want.” In the film, Lola, portrayed by Marisa Tomei, is Nick Marshall’s spirited co-worker, brilliantly played by Mel Gibson. With her unique fashion sense and outgoing personality, Lola injects liveliness into the story. Throughout the movie, Lola provides unwavering support and valuable advice to Nick as he navigates the perplexing world of women. Marisa Tomei’s portrayal of Lola exudes charm and charisma, creating unforgettable moments alongside Mel Gibson. This role highlights Marisa Tomei’s versatility as an actress, as she effortlessly brings complex and relatable characters like Lola to life.

Alan Alda as Dan Wanamaker

Alan Alda skillfully embodies the character of Dan Wanamaker in the film “What Women Want“. As Nick Marshall’s boss and the head of the advertising agency where Marshall works, Wanamaker’s presence is brought to life by Alda’s performance. Alda’s portrayal adds richness and sophistication to the character, showcasing his talents as an experienced actor.

Alda effortlessly encompasses the essence of Wanamaker, imparting authority and wisdom to the role. He serves as Marshall’s mentor, guiding him in his understanding of women. The impact of Alda’s performance makes Wanamaker a memorable character in the movie.

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Ashley Johnson as Alexandra Marshall

Ashley Johnson flawlessly brings the character of Alexandra Marshall to life in the movie “What Women Want.” Playing the role of Nick Marshall’s daughter, portrayed by Mel Gibson, Johnson effectively captures the essence of Alexandra as a typical teenage girl navigating through the complexities of adolescence.

As an actress, Johnson skillfully embodies Alexandra Marshall, portraying her with youthful energy and natural curiosity. Through her performance, she convincingly portrays Alexandra’s personal growth, as she develops a deeper bond with her father and discovers more about herself.

Johnson’s portrayal of Alexandra Marshall enriches the overall story, offering audiences a relatable perspective. With her innate talent and captivating presence on screen, she authentically captures the challenges and triumphs of teenage life.

Supporting Cast of “What Women Want”

Step into the world of “What Women Want” and discover the incredible supporting cast that brings this captivating film to life. From the talented Judy Greer as Erin, to the mesmerizing performance of Sarah Paulson as Annie, and the dynamic presence of Megan Good as Mindy, each sub-section unveils a unique character that adds depth and charisma to the storyline. Prepare to be enthralled by Mark Feuerstein’s portrayal of Morgan Farwell, as this ensemble of actors paints a vibrant picture of the film’s supporting cast.

Judy Greer as Erin

Judy Greer brilliantly embodies the character Erin in the film “What Women Want”.
With her incredible portrayal, Judy Greer effortlessly brings out the comedic elements, while also adding depth to the plot.
Throughout the movie, Erin’s interactions with other characters truly highlight Judy Greer’s immense talent as an actress and her skill in delivering humorous scenes.
It is Judy Greer’s performance that sparks joy and laughter among viewers, ultimately making her presence absolutely vital to the success of the film.
In the movie, Erin’s supporting role brings in a unique dynamic to the story, and Judy Greer’s active involvement helps create a cohesive and captivating narrative.
By portraying Erin, Judy Greer’s outstanding contribution to the ensemble cast of “What Women Want” cannot be overlooked.

Sarah Paulson as Annie

Sarah Paulson shines as Annie in the film “What Women Want“. As Nick Marshall’s colleague at an advertising agency, Annie plays a significant supporting role. Throughout the movie, her strong and assertive personality serves as a contrast to Nick’s initial views on women. This challenges him to challenge his assumptions and biases. Sarah Paulson’s portrayal of Annie brings depth and authenticity, further enhancing the complexity of the story.

For fans of Sarah Paulson, her performance as Annie in “What Women Want” is a must-see. Her talent and screen presence are showcased brilliantly. Don’t miss out on experiencing Sarah Paulson’s captivating portrayal of Annie in this iconic romantic comedy. Click here for the full cast of “What Women Want”.

Megan Good as Mindy

Megan Good shines as Mindy in the film “What Women Want.” Mindy, a supporting character, is a talented individual who collaborates with Nick Marshall at an advertising agency.

Megan Good effortlessly brings a contagious energy and captivating charisma to the role, effectively capturing Mindy’s determination and ambition. She seamlessly adds depth to the workplace dynamic and significantly contributes to the overall story.

Megan Good’s portrayal of Mindy is truly admirable due to her commanding presence and exceptional chemistry with the lead actors. Her exceptional performance not only showcases her remarkable acting skills but also greatly contributes to the immense success of the movie.

Mark Feuerstein as Morgan Farwell

Mark Feuerstein expertly portrays Morgan Farwell in the movie “What Women Want.” As a supporting character, Morgan Farwell plays a pivotal role in the storyline. In the film, he personifies a charismatic and ambitious advertising executive who competes against the main character, Nick Marshall, for a promotion.

Mark Feuerstein’s exceptional depiction of Morgan Farwell brings depth and dimension to the character. With his portrayal, he brilliantly captures Morgan’s charm, wit, and determination, making him an unforgettable and indispensable part of the movie’s cast.

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Some Facts About the “What Women Want” Cast:

  • ✅ Mel Gibson plays the lead role of Nick Marshall in the movie. (Source: TV Guide)
  • ✅ Helen Hunt portrays the character of Darcy Maguire, Nick’s new boss. (Source: TV Guide)
  • ✅ Marisa Tomei appears as Lola in the film. (Source: TV Guide)
  • ✅ Alan Alda plays the role of Dan Wanamaker, Nick’s boss. (Source: TV Guide)
  • ✅ Ashley Johnson portrays the character of Alex Marshall, Nick’s daughter. (Source: TV Guide)